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history of

art & darlene's riverview inn

The building was constructed in 1940 by Francis Roos.  He built it to resemble a house so the neighbors would not know it was a tavern.  Mr. Roos closed the tavern and vacated the premises around 1955.  The building was vacant for several years when Art & Darlene came to check it out in 1963.  There was no working equipment and all the plumbing was broken in the building.  This challenge did not stop Art & Darlene from wanting to purchase their own business.  In 1963 they opened what we all know as Riverview Inn.


In 1994, Art was diagnosed with cancer, but this did not stop him from working.  In January 1996, daughters Cindy and Lisa took over the business and named it Riverview Inn ~ The Next Generation.  Art passed away in August 1996.  In 1997, Lisa chose to pursue a different career and Cindy and her husband Joe took over.  Darlene was diagnosed with cancer in 2000 but she continued to make the homemade bread and soups for the restaurant.  Darlene passed away in March 2002.


After 20 years, Cindy made the decision to retire from the Riverview to enjoy her kids and grandkids.  In 2016 Lisa bought the business from Cindy to continue the tradition of the Riverview Inn The Next Generation.



Thank You
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